Non-Metallic Expansion Joint

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Non-Metallic Expansion Joint

Non-Metallic Expansion Joint

Non-metallic expansion joints are flexible connectors designed to provide stress relief and seal in gaseous media in ducting systems.

They are fabricated from a wide variety of non-metallic materials, including synthetic elastomers, fabrics, insulation materials and fluoroplastics,

depending on the designs.


 Expansion Joint Capabilities & Advantages

    Expansion joints provide flexibility in ductwork and are used to allow 

    for 4 main situations: 

    - expansion or contraction of the duct due to temperature changes.
​    - isolation of components to minimize the effects of vibration or noise.
    - movement of components during process operations.
    - installation or removal of large components and erection tolerances.

 Advantages of non-metallic expansion joints include

    - Large movements in a short length
    - Ability to absorb simultaneous movements easily in more than one plane
    - Very low forces required to move the expansion joint
    - Corrosion Resistant Materials of Construction
    - Noise and Vibration Resistance
    - Ease of Installation
    - Minimal Replacement Cost
    - Design Freedom
    - Thermal Breaks

       ◆ Single Layer Construction 

       An expansion joint formed of one consolidated layer, often constructed 

       from elastomers and reinforcement materials or fluoroplastics and 

       reinforcement materials.

◆ Multi-Layer Construction

An expansion joint in which the various plies are of different 

materials which are not integrally bonded together 





Belt-Type Expansion Joint Configuration 

An expansion joint in which the flexible element is made like a flat belt 






 ◆ Flanged-Type Expansion Joint Configuration 

An expansion joint in which the flexible element has flanges formed 

at right angles


 ◆ Expansion Joint Clamping Configuration 

An expansion joint that utilizes both belt type and flanged configurations






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